Arkhan Brem’tu




When Supreme Chancellor Palpatine became Emperor Palpatine at the close of the Clone Wars, it was already obvious to some sentients that a new war was on the horizon. Arkhan Brem’tu, then a young lieutenant in the Bothawui Defense Corps, was one of these individuals. Initially supportive of the Chancellor, Arkhan enlisted in the BDC during the early days of the Clone Wars and was deployed in a number of peacekeeping and counter-intelligence operations on Bothawui. As he observed the increasingly draconian tactics used by the Republic forces throughout the conflict, he became increasingly concerned. When Order 66 was initiated and the Jedi Order was exterminated, including a handful of personal friends Arkhan had made over the course of the war, he saw that a renewed war was inevitable.

Arkhan immediately began seeking out like-minded sentients on Bothawui and beyond. Over the next 20 years, he laid the groundwork for a dozen Rebellion cells and had a minor but laudable role in the creation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Over the years, Arkhan has been living a dangerous life. Although broadly sympathetic to the Rebellion, the political establishment of Bothawui has been heavily invested in remaining neutral in the civil war; it would not have supported or defended Arkhan in the slightest if he had been exposed to the Empire. In fact, if they had felt that Arkhan were likely to be uncovered, they might have eliminated him themselves to spare Bothawui the embarrassment. And the agents of the Empire, of course, were everywhere. To be able to evade his enemies and make contact with potential Rebellion recruits, Arkhan was forced to be slow to trust and hard to rattle.

In recent years, the Rebellion has finally come out of the shadows and Arkhan’s lonely, secret war is over. No more secrets and lies and uncertainty. Now Arkhan is assigned to Alliance Special Operations, an organization he helped create, and assuming field command of Special Operations groups to finally strike back against the so-called Empire.

Arkhan Brem’tu

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